The Unexpected Elephant

Fundraising trunk of 3710 Crestline
The Unexpected Elephant fundraiser The Unexpected Elephant is an occasional fundraiser that supports the infrastructure at 3710 Crestline Drive. It is the fundraising trunk of South Lincoln Resources and our partners, supporting our facility maintenance and repairs.

Rows of tables display a wealth of treasures to purchase: glass, crystal, china, dolls, furniture, rugs, collectibles, knick-knacks, artwork, kitchenware, books, leather jackets, etc. Unique Treasures! One-of-a-Kind gifts! Free admission. NEW ITEMS ADDED TO EACH SALE!

The Unexpected Elephant Fundraising Resales
will be on the FIRST and THIRD Saturdays, June - August 2020, 10am to 2pm

Our NEXT sales is August 15th.

Masks will be required! We will also set up a traffic flow for everyone's safety.

Print this 2020 schedule and share with friends!

A slideshow of some items for sale will be added here soon.